GATEWAY Free-moN of St. Louis

We are adding Free-moN modules to our layouts to bring attention to the public aspects of model railroading that are not as easily portrayed on standard Ntrak modules.  Trains on the Free-moN are most often moving freight between industries and passengers between towns.  They are servicing customers by dropping off loaded and empty cars based on demand and then picking up cars that are destined to other locations.  We often invite members of the public to assist with the process.  Asking them to answer questions such as how best to get the 4th boxcar in our train to the 2nd industry on the far track, etc.  


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Module Descriptions

Halstead   This module is a representation of Halstead, Kansas as remembered by Jeremy Janzen in the 1980's   Halstead, Kansas (The biggest little city in Kansas) is located on the Santa Fe Northern Mainline from Chicago to Los Angeles.


Matfield Corners  These 4 30 degree corners are modeled after the Santa Fe mainline in the Kansas Flint hills area near the town of Matfield Green.  They can be used separately or if used together form the S curve to the east of the town.



Paper Creek.    Folklore says the town was named after the infamous homesteader Joe Lazyman arrived at the site and seeing that fording the stream was impossible by wagon exclaimed "The land office paper claimed it was just a creek"  So refusing to go any farther he started a small town named Paper Creek.  Its the sort of town that if you blink you miss it as you drive by.


K-Town   Just a typical medium size Kansas Town.


River Crossing.    The railroad crosses a large river that is popular with vacationers, fisherman, boaters, and various wildlife..


Berkley Junction.   a 30 degree junction module with a spur into a large Ethanol refinery...  

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